Vote for, Don't Hope for a New Council

This just in, since you gave me more than 2% of the vote, my nomination fee was refunded. Thank You City of Vaughan

Thank you to the 5336 voters that showed your support. While I did not get in, I was not last, and if I took votes from anyone, it was the two incumbents who also did not get in. Your vote was not meaningless, it made a difference. I know my strategy was unlikely to pass people pounding the pavement, not that I didn’t pound some, I just couldn’t reach as many with my limited time. You chose to give Gino Rosati and Michael DiBiase another chance, and Deb Schulte her first opportunity. We are not done, all candidates had ideas that these three need to organize effectively. They will listen to us. Our city needs to move forward.

I am proud my message multiplied beyond my means, word of mouth and social media cannot be discounted. Thanks to Rogers, Vaughan Citizen, Liberal, and Vaughan Today for setting up Meet & Greets and the debates.

Thank you again.

John Ross Harvey

Dear Taxpayers and Residents of Vaughan:

John has been an avid volunteer for over eight years within our City of Vaughan since becoming a resident in the year 2000. He is a born and raised second generation Canadian on his mother’s side, from Hamilton, spent much of his youth in Ancaster, and has worked in Orillia, and much of the GTA, while now residing in Vaughan. His ancestry on his father’s side includes Sir Sanford Fleming who created the time zones we use today, and Canada’s first ever stamp the 3 penny beaver. As a member and Director of Vellore Woods Rate-payer’s Association he has been instrumental in forming arguments against developers with high density proposals slated for his neighbourhood and adjacent ones.  He authored this petition against high-rises . The Vellore Woods Rate-payers hold the record for most public depositions against one of these developers at a committee of the whole hearing.  A large sample of the community was present at those committee hearings and all cheered when he spoke on the ridiculous numbers the developers were using.  He has also been active with other Rate-payer’s associations in discussions to reach more amicable solutions.

As c0-chair of Vellore Woods Traffic Calming Committee he was instrumental in designing improvements to promote slower traffic within the community to protect our citizens (especially children) from harm. He was within earshot of a car slamming into a house up the street from his home due to a motorist traveling at a high rate of speed. That intersection has since had a stop sign installed. John spent many hours measuring and drawing the road improvements and has been in discussion with the city for further implementation of his approved design. He is also responsible for having the arrow signs posted at Vellore Woods and Rutherford to prevent double left turns.

John has been in the Construction field as a draftsman specializing in millwork/casework construction and telecommunication layouts. He has worked for government ministries, crown corporations, and the private sector for 25 years. Past employers include Ministry of Government Services, Famous Players Inc., Cad Resource Centre, Bombardier DeHavilland, and his current employer Urbacon for the past 13 years.  His education includes two Dean’s list honours from Mohawk College and Humber College in Architecture Technology and Facility Management respectively. If elected he is the only candidate running with any architectural planning background.

In early January John attended an opening discussion to discuss methods of improving the safety of our citizens from vehicles, due a rise in pedestrian fatalities.  Police, Transportation, and other stakeholders attended. The goal was to create a Pedestrian Task Force to find methods of improvement to protect our citizens from motor vehicles. You can read his article discussing that meeting and what needs to be done on the main page of this website, much of which was reprinted in the Vaughan Citizen on January 28 of this year. Though he is not a member of the assigned task force, we hope they took every point of the article to implement improvements. Direct link to the article is here In June, John attended public meetings on the Vaughan Master Traffic Plan, and the Rutherford/Carrville Environmental Assessment. His input and remarks at both meetings were highly respected, and will be taken into great consideration for further discussions. Of the many in attendance only a few were nominated candidates.

Not only does John care about road safety and that of pedestrians, he runs two Twitter addresses that educate on the matter. These are followed by many government, safety and law enforcement organizations including @trafficservices of Toronto. These are available on the front page of this website. @harveyhelmet and @s_i_n_s.  For a past-time he also writes traffic related comedy, meant to highlight the improper habits many motorists are guilty of. Too many people in the GTA and Vaughan itself are guilty of many motorist transgressions. This can only be helped with more education and greater fines for improper habits. Of his books, one is still in the running for Toronto Book Awards. Having graduated from Jim Russell Racing Drivers School, he knows the importance of safety in any vehicle. He shares a birthday with world renowned safety activist Sir Jackie Stewart. His traffic passion has also created a board game he’s been trying to market.

All of the above local activities are on his own time, in a volunteer capacity. That dictates a passion for beautifying our city, and protecting its citizens from harm.

A regional initiative should be to improve our road systems for all parties, pedestrians, cyclists, and motor vehicles including expanded transit networks. Transit is a priority to reduce traffic congestion, all scheduling needs to coordinate well with GO and TTC connections outside of York region.  We need to improve our environmental impact with better recycling programs like Orange Bin for hazardous wastes like paint cans, batteries, and fluorescent bulbs while diverting waste from landfills. We must insist that all large developments have greater park dedication to reduce density. We may have been the City Above Toronto, but we have no desire to be that City Indistinguishable From Toronto. As a regional councilor John will have a duty to support residents against projects that go the Ontario Municipal Board if they disagree with local council committee decisions on zoning and development applications. Higher densities must be with acceptable limits and designs; towers are for Toronto. We need to continue with the progress to bring a Hospital to Vaughan, and connecting our city with the Subway extension to downtown Toronto. This needs to be done with the lowest property taxes possible and still provide the best quality services to our residents and taxpayers.

John intends to campaign without any monetary corporate developer donations,  ( I have one $50 equiv. donation of business cards) and do so freely on the internet with this web page, email, Twitter, and a Facebook page.  This web page is in a blog format that is moderated by John, so no defamation by representing or anonymous citizens will be tolerated or displayed. He knows people hate door to door canvassing and fliers but must face the reality that he will have to go door to door to spread the word. He has met some positive responses without knocking, as he met people outside their homes.  He will not desecrate your lawn with a bad photo on cardboard. Signs are an environmental and safety hazard which needs to be considered carefully. He will not be financially irresponsible. The goal is to campaign without any unnecessary spending, and hopefully no spending at all. He will not rent space for a headquarters or any other real estate. If spending gets more votes, does that mean they are a better candidate, or just richer? He intends to have greatest web presence of all candidates for the lowest cost of all to reach the most electors. If elected he will work with you and for you for the next four years to make Vaughan a better place to live. You can also spread the word on Twitter and Facebook to all your followers and friends. See links below.

Follow on Twitter   (@voteforjrh) Cost: $0.00

Like at!/pages/Vote-For-John/114177188629887?ref=ts Facebook Page Cost $0.00

Email John Cost $0.00  Tell me how you want me to reach the public.

Campaign Blog: Cost $0.00 Started Sept.15 2010 keep up to date by checking often.

This web page was paid for the purpose of his books prior to him deciding on this campaign. Effective cost of page tab $0.00

Total spent $100.00 entry fee to submit nomination plus $5.00 website link to Vaughan website fee. We expect no further costs.

Thanks to all the citizens and candidates that gave me kudos for speaking straight and to the point. That’s what a candidate needs to do, I’m happy I did just that. You can find video of this debate at Deb Schulte’s web page at Debate link on front page. Q7 and Q10 are my better answers. Do also check Rogers Demand Online for Regional Council Debate, to see how all candidates answer the questions.

Thanks to Kleinburg Area Ratepayers Association for Tuesday’s Meet & Greet. Many are suitably impressed and wish me well.

Exercise your right to Vote.  Oct. 25 2010, find your polling station and make your choices, Mayor, up to 3 Regional, 1 Ward, 1 Trustee. Let’s hope the Change everybody asks for actually happens.

The people of Vaughan deserve a real choice in this election. At regional position you have three choices. Please choose wisely.

Please Vote for John Ross Harvey for the position of Local And Regional Councilor for the City of Vaughan on October 25 2010.

By John Ross Harvey

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