Nahtan Hoj Romance Author

When A Stand Up Guy Meets A Sold Out Girl is my first novel in Romantic Comedy genre. Published through iUniverse.

The book is now live on bookstore web servers.

Why write a romance? Since many male singers write and sing beautiful love songs, why should a romantic story from a man be so uncommon? In fact some of the more memorable romance stories, in book form and later in film, were written by men. Love Story by the late Erich Segal, and of course The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. The other reason being, I enjoy challenges, and what greater challenge can there be for a writer, than to write a genre you’d never expect.

How does a basement dwelling stand up opening act get to meet the biggest stadium sell-out pop star diva on the planet? Read it and find out. Besides, how many books can say they feature a cameo from Paul Tracy who allowed it via a Twitter reply?  Only this book. I’ll send him a copy if he gives me a mailing address.

The truly fantastic cover was done by my niece who will get her own copy when she’s old enough to read it.

I am hoping to enter this book into several book award competitions for 2011.

The pen name is an anagram, spelling Johnathan backwards into two names, with the crucial two syllable one syllable catch.

Now with a multitude of postcards, bookmarks, and business cards, a mass mailing of media seems in order.

The good news is that this Canadian author is now available from Chapters Indigo online!

By John Ross Harvey

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