About John Ross Harvey

John Ross Harvey was late for his arrival to the world of 6,6,66 and showed up on 11,6,66.

He has always been a fan of comedy and racing and driving. Not surprisingly much of his comedic material is traffic related.

My books are all available on the side panel.

As mentioned on opening page, I will adopt a few pen names for new book genres and add pages as they publish.

Under my own name I expect to sequel the Harvey The Happy Helmet series.

I have many odd qualities like a Magnetic Left Hand which alters compasses, and never having normal childhood diseases. Most of you grew up with Measles, Chickenpox, or Mumps. I of Course had Viral Meningitis, Inflamed Lymph Nodes, and Swollen Glands (how this isn’t Mumps is beyond me). That being said I am quite likely an indestructable human, the first known Magnetic Mutant on Earth, except the guy in the X-men movie is far more powerful. My tonsils were removed when I was two, I sliced my heel on a windshield wiper because my brother thought sliding might be fun, when I was four. Ancaster to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Hamilton was a really long but fast ride for my 13 stitches, which the scar is still visible today 42 years later.

Before I published, I tried what everyone these days tries to get ahead in this world, audition for a Reality Show.

In Montreal on St.Patrick’s Day in 2007 we waited many hours at a local Starbucks (practically everyone that auditioned including a dude on Air Farce and Jerry Dee), then grabbed a bite at the Subway sandwich shop before our auditions which were pushed back from 8am to 6pm.

Though I did not get very much of my routine off, I made an impression yet did not make it out of the cutting room floor.

That year was judged by ANT, some guy named Alonso, and a less memorable woman. ANT joined me onstage so I could prove my Magnetic Powers. Alonso and I speculated on Lewis Hamilton in Formula 1, while the woman didn’t even know what a Ferrari was, or why living in town full of their fans, when I’m not one, is any reason for me to be alive.

As you may have noticed, proper driving awareness and skill is a passion for me. Especially in Winter when the increase in snow creates an increase in people impaired by it. That’s right, I said Impaired, because they are. Leaving snow on lights, mirrors, rooves, hoods, trunks, wheel wells, and especially blind spots on your windows, is making your awareness equal to someone that is drunk, period. @HarveyHelmet and @S_I_N_S are my messengers to make our world safer by having people become better drivers, and not be merely motorists without skill. Call me Simon Cowell of driving properly, yes I will ridicule you if necessary to make you better. Sharing a birthday with Sir Jackie Stewart  (June 11) the foremost advocate of the use of seat belts since he was in F1 as a driver, might have something to do with my safety diplomacy. Since much of my comedy is related to this topic, read it and Drive Safe.

My article on pedestrian safety has been reprinted almost entirely in the Vaughan Citizen regional newspaper. I’ve been interviewed by City News Toronto for the Toronto Book Awards and that interview is on their website. Not bad for three weeks in the beginning of the year 2010. This is only the beginning.

At James Allen’s Webpage:

http://www.jamesallenonf1.com/2010/01/whats-in-a-number/#comment-45283 Check my response to Michael Schumacher’s aversion to odd numbers, and the replies on it, including from James Allen himself.

More later, I will update this from time to time.

By John Ross Harvey

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