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Who is John Ross Harvey?

It all began a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, but really just in a hospital in Hamilton. A Hospital I would frequent regularly. Born in 1966, tonsilitis in 1968, sliced my heel on a windshield wiper in 1970, thanks big brother for that, mine, not the TV show. A phantom appendix … Continue Reading…

Oscar 2016 - The White Oscars

As you may have heard there is a boycott movement to protest the lack of representation of black entertainment professionals at the current Academy Awards. There is also pressure for the host Chris Rock to step down.

I will suggest that he does not do so. There is no better platform to complain about the Oscars, … Continue Reading…

What is wrong with York Region?

As you may have noticed in the federal election, people want change. A massive Liberal sweep of most of GTA except for small pockets of York Region. The Liberals promised transit infrastructure spending to get the GTA where it needs to be. One would hope that York Region is part of that. I do not … Continue Reading…

Opinion Piece – Letter to the Editor


Back From The Hack

I don’t know how I was hacked or why, but after many exchanges with my host provider, the site is back. Not that there are many of you looking in the first place.

If only finding a new job was as quick.

Reduced Speed is Not the Answer

Yesterday on talk radio, some research body, suggested 30 km/h speed limits within the city. Standard limit is 50 km/h and 40 km/h at school zones normally. Some streets suggest 30km/h (often labelled with Turtles) to protect young children in the area.

One caller indicated that 30km/h is a high rev. level of first gear, before … Continue Reading…

Toronto Mayor Debate #1 2014

It seemed pretty clear to me, my family, and anybody I talked to at work the morning after, that Rob Ford won the debate hands down.

He stuck to his lines, he saved $1 billion. He has a proven track record, everything they want to do, he has already done.

All of the other four “front-runner” candidates … Continue Reading…

Newstalk 1010 Loses John Tory

People in Toronto have listened to John Tory and his Live Drive radio show on 1010 for just over 4 years. Many guests of political nature have engaged discussion and answered questions willingly, and some less willingly. The whole side show aspect of Rob Ford has turned John Tory into the next best choice for … Continue Reading…

Formula 1 Racing 2014, return to Turbos, and a new era of Hybrid V6 engines

I’ve followed Formula for practically every race and many test event weeks since early 1983. Most drivers in the sport now were not yet born then. I’ve attended three races live: 1989 in Montreal for Boutsen spin and win in the rain, 1996 at Silverstone where Jacques Villeneuve took the win, and the inaugural 2012 … Continue Reading…

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