My Opinion on the BIG MOVE is varied

I have continued to work on what Metrolinx is actually planning, and that is difficult at best to locate.My latest confirmations of BIG MOVE and KWC’s transit expansion, and GO expansion in this latest Dropbox folder here:  THIS IS UPDATED OFTEN AS NEW INFO BECOMES AVAILABLE



It also contains suggestions by me, by some other organizations … Continue Reading…

Newest Books

Check out the HTHH Road Sign Guide here


The pen name is derived from Wentworth, the street I grew up on in Hamilton, and Vaughan (missing the a) where I actually live now.

Current novel is Young Adult Sci-fi and Humour.

Yet Another Kid That Must Miraculously Save The World From Destruction By Presumably Evil Alien Forces.

find it here


Traffic Congestion

Want to understand how traffic doesn’t move?

This pure display of stupidity, lack of geometry skill, and serious inability to comprehend anything beyond themselves.

Traffic moves in more than one direction from your ego

Green DOES NOT mean GO, it never has


Does this look clear to you? … Continue Reading…

New Books At Lulu

Find at new lulu weblink

A Harvey the Happy Helmet sequel has been added, full colour road sign guide, colour makes it pricey, but it is ineffective without it.

Also a free e-book has been added, short and to the point.

Road Safety

The concept of safety is very simple, and easy to manage if there is no complacency. Sadly in today’s society, there is a whole lot of me, me, me, now, now, now, and far less of do it correctly and safely so as not to have an “accident.”

The term “accident” is incorrectly used for such … Continue Reading…

Zazzle Store

Available now, 3 t-shirt designs inspired by the Three Forces Of Evil  mantra I have.

Also in store, is  a very informative bumper sticker for tailgaters.

Death of Jackass actor

I did not watch Jackass, nor care to do so, the member of that crowd which decided driving moronic motoring home while intoxicated and sending a twitpic before doing so, was clearly not of a rational mindset. I often scold/yell/demand that some of you refrain from tweet/texting behind the wheel as it is often more dangerous … Continue Reading…

Because Anyone Can Make A Difference

Many people I’ve come to follow on Twitter are doing this, because many others need the help.

Kit arrived and swabs taken. Wish the people who need it luck.

I want to help too.

Opinion published in New York Times

Clearly the topic of road safety is a very big issue, Sgt. Burrows and I both have opinions published (his is comment 41) on this article of a very sensitive issue.

While this isn’t the newsprint edition, this is still the New York Times.  I hope Oprah is reading this news too.

Toronto Book Awards

Harvey The Happy Helmet’s Illustrated How To Drive Handbook – A Drive By Education  has been entered into this competition. has just interviewed me about my book, my website, and my safety awareness article below regarding pedestrians getting hit by cars. We can expect to see the full interview on their website next week. … Continue Reading…

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