Recent Traffic Fatalities of Pedestrians

Though the article below was written in January 2010, it still applies today. People are still getting killed on our roads, pedestrians, or in cars, by snow factors, speed factors, and road conditions. A clock driven society causes people to hurry and not relax. That’s exactly how one person died, late for work. Employers need … Continue Reading…

Stephen Leacock Humour Award Medal

Nahtan Hoj book has been entered for 2011 Competition. Though I realize it may not be everybody’s style of humour, I’ll continue to get my name out there.

See this years listing at

2011 Short List

Following a review of this year’s seventy submissions for the Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for humour, the following five books … Continue Reading…

Twitter Feeds

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@acronymr will be doing daily acronyms !

In a bet on the Olympic Hockey Game, since @jimmyfallon didn’t answer him, I did. @billengvall of the Blue Collar Comedy crew was to follow @acronymr if Canada won. Had USA won (or lost) he’d be followed by the rest … Continue Reading…

What I've done so far

Since completing Humber College Comedy Workshop in Writing in Summer 2004 I started writing comedy prolifically and created my blog Three Forces Of Evil

With a ringing endorsement from Mark Breslin, I decided to do a book aptly titled Three Forces of Evil – Comedy Shorts

It had one web buyer who told me how much she … Continue Reading…


Since I’m a Gemini I’ve never been content with things in ones. 2 cars, 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 feet, 2 hands, 2 rings, etc. As a writer I could obviously never stop at 1 book. Nor can I as an author remain solitary. In the coming months/years I will be many people, but they … Continue Reading…

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