Stephen Leacock Humour Award Medal

Nahtan Hoj book has been entered for 2011 Competition. Though I realize it may not be everybody’s style of humour, I’ll continue to get my name out there.

See this years listing at

2011 Short List

Following a review of this year’s seventy submissions for the Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for humour, the following five books (in alphabetic order by author)
have been short listed:

Todd Babiak                     Toby the Man
Trevor Cole                     Practical Jean
Terry Fallis                    The High Road
Red Green                       How to do Everyhing
David Rakoff                    Half Empty

Judith Rapson
Awards Chair.

I entered 2009’s competition with Snowball’s Chance In Hell which was a collection of monologues and rants. It did not make the shortlist of top 5 out of the 47 entries. For 2010 I entered Harvey The Happy Helmet’s Illustrated How To Drive Handbook – A Drive By Education where it was among 68 entries here . It is a humourous take on how to drive properly by pointing out what many do wrong. It’s Tough Love.  Among the entries was William Ferguson’s latest novel, he being one of my favourite Canadian authors, he also won that year.

Short List Announcement

April 1, 11:00 am in Orillia;

The short list  for the Stephen Leacock Memorial  Medal for Humour and the TD Financial Group Cash Award was announced this morning at the Mississaga Street branch of the TD Bank, in Orillia.

The following books (in alphabetical order)  were nominated for the Awards:

The top books are:
Kathryn Borel Jr. – Corked (John Wiley & Sons)
Glen Chilton – The Curse of the Labrador Duck (Harper Collins)
Bill Conan – The Rock in the Water (Hidden Book Press)
William Deverell – Snow Job (McClelland and Stewart)
Will Ferguson – Beyond Belfast (Penguin)

Announcement Luncheon

April 29, 11:30 am, Leacock Museum in Orillia

Will Ferguson’s Beyond Belfast was named the winner. I met two authors, Glen and Bill, and a few representatives, including another author Bill Pitt.

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@acronymr will be doing daily acronyms !

In a bet on the Olympic Hockey Game, since @jimmyfallon didn’t answer him, I did. @billengvall of the Blue Collar Comedy crew was to follow @acronymr if Canada won. Had USA won (or lost) he’d be followed by the rest of my twitters.


Now following @acronymr because a bet is a bet. about 14 hours ago via web

How cool is that?

@harveyhelmet is for the character of my series of Harvey The Happy Helmet Books, sequel coming, giving road safety tips.

@S_I_N_S for the Awareness that Snow Impairment’s Not Safe, giving weather related safety tips.

Both of these are followed by many other Road Safety Advocates and Police organizations.

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@Nahtan_Hoj pen name for Romance novels.

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@3syllableseagal for all the Three Syllable Movie Titles Stephen Seagal could be a part of, even spelled the name correct this time.


What I've done so far

Since completing Humber College Comedy Workshop in Writing in Summer 2004 I started writing comedy prolifically and created my blog Three Forces Of Evil

With a ringing endorsement from Mark Breslin, I decided to do a book aptly titled Three Forces of Evil – Comedy Shorts

It had one web buyer who told me how much she loved it (especially the Stephen Segal 3 syllable movie titles), was given to family and sold to a few friends, and some others ended up with free copies against my better judgement. Noone ever told me it was bad.

Since I had more material written it turned into a 2nd book Snowball’s Chance In Hell which was in the running for Stephen Leacock Humour Award last year 2009.

With my brother in law we had an Acronym humour blog called Acronymville so that created the 3rd book Acronymville – Your One Stop Destination In The World Of Acronyms.

Though it was not a comedy collection my 4th book was a Political Intrigue Novel, ok it was a short story, very short, about something you’d never dream of. It’s called World Peace – A Novel.

Getting back to comedy writing and all things automotive, my  5th book Harvey The Happy Helmet’s Illustrated How To Drive Handbook – A Drive By Education was next. It is currently in running for 2010  Toronto Book Awards, and IPPY (Independant Publishing) Award for Humour. It narrowly missed shortlist for Stephen Leacock Award for Humour.

My 6th book as noticed by top of sidebar is a Romantic Comedy under the pen name of Nahtan Hoj. How many books can claim Paul Tracy gave them a cameo permission on Twitter? Only this book. It’s also my only book available at Chapters Indigo online!


Since I’m a Gemini I’ve never been content with things in ones. 2 cars, 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 feet, 2 hands, 2 rings, etc. As a writer I could obviously never stop at 1 book. Nor can I as an author remain solitary. In the coming months/years I will be many people, but they are already all on Twitter, Facebook and Myspace . As soon as I get the hang of things here, we’ll link to everything I am involved with from a comedy and writing perspective.  Other projects as they arise will also be highlighted.

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