Toronto Mayor Debate #1 2014

It seemed pretty clear to me, my family, and anybody I talked to at work the morning after, that Rob Ford won the debate hands down.

He stuck to his lines, he saved $1 billion. He has a proven track record, everything they want to do, he has already done.

All of the other four “front-runner” candidates merely claimed he was lying, without any proof that he was. He said his numbers came from CFO and City Manager, so they are accusing them of lying.

Olivia Chow needs her facts straight on the TTC, and needs to wake up to Scarborough getting a subway. Tory, Stintz, and Ford all agreed her facts were wrong. Please explain what Women and Children First means. To many it means, you are against Men, as they would be Last in that analogy.

Stintz needs public speaking lessons, her constant pauses made her speech sound like an Obama performance, or Captain Kirk’s. She fumbled a few words and forgot her math on three things, throwing four or five in.

Tory needs to take the gloves off. He was far too laid back, and his message is being missed. Clearly Chow and Ford are ahead, but they shouldn’t be. He needs to reel them in and give the public what it needs to hear. Even for man on radio for four years, his speaking was less than stellar.

Soknacki needs to also get off the LRT going back bandwagon with Chow. Facts are that while the subway EXTENSION is under construction the SRT can run. This will not be possible with LRT, as first the SRT has to be removed, and shuttle buses used to compensate. Those buses will not be needed while building the subway, as the SRT will come down after it is complete, provided it has that many years left. He needs to distinguish himself from Miller, because that is killing his chances.

The fringe group, criminal lawyer Ari Goldkind, Sarah Thompson, Richard Underhill, Norm Gardner, are the lead group of the next 40 or so candidates. Both Goldkind and Thompson want road tolls on DVP, Thomspon wants them on Gardiner, but not for the people that live here, the commuters, people like me from Vaughan who already take 105 minutes to get to work using the DVP, that will easily climb to 120 to avoid it, and twice that in a snowstorm. I’m all for raising Toronto and region property tax, as that is INCOME BASED and fairer than gasoline tax and road tolls which are just going to make everything else cost more, the trucks delivering goods will be affected too. Property taxes will not add to your grocery bill.

I’ve emailed many of these people, the usual response is to help them support the campaign or donate to it, only Ari actually answered anything I asked (before I saw his toll idea).¬† I’m still waiting for responses to my DRL advice. Don Mills is the wrong location, it will easily cost as much as Scarborough extension for one bridge on it. There are more viable locations, but it will not serve anybody but Yonge street. The city needs GRIDS of N-S and E-W and plenty of them, if the have to be loops, stop making the loop have so many twists and turns that it takes years longer to build.

North South expandable options are as follows:

Islington from Lake Shore West to Steeles at least, possible expansion to Vaughan/Kleinburg

Dufferin from Kirby down to the Exhibition Place

Bathurst from Teston/Elgin Mills to Billy Bishop Airport

Victoria Park from Steeles to Queen or Warden from Stouffville to Kingston Road

Whites Road from North of Finch to Lawrence East

East West Options as follows:

Lake Shore East and Lake Shore West (avoiding Indy circuit)

Queensway and Queen to Kingston Road

St. Clair East with O’Connor


Dixon and Lawrence

Wilson-York Mills-Ellesmere

Finch all across

Castlemore-Rutherford-Carville-16th Ave. (Major MacKenzie alternate (will have 2 hospitals))

Teston-Elgin Mills

Downtown Relief Line despite multiple configurations  has normally been suggested as follows:

Sheppard down Don Mills to Overlea

Overlea to Millwood (major bridge rebuild or new build)

Pape down to Danforth line.

From Pape there are many other scenarios

Pape and Carlaw to Eastern and Front (Union)

Pape Gerard and Queen and King to St Andrew

Pape Gerard and Queen to Osgoode

From University side of Yonge/University Line:

Front to Go Rail Corridor  (at Bathurst) to Dundas West

King to Roncessvalles to Dundas West

Queen to Go Rail Corridor (at Dufferin) to Dundas West

Rarely concieved beyond Dundas West but could do as follows:

Up Go Rail Corridor and paralleling Weston

From Dundas West along Dundas to Scarlett to Dixon

It’s common sense that these proposed DRL locations would cost billions more than running under any of the E-W and N-S suggestions, which would serve more of Toronto than the core. They could all be LRTs if necessary but when another icestorm hits there will be no transit. 3rd rail underground or above is superior to overhead LRT, you get what you pay for.

Everybody is entitled to an opinion, and we will probably disagree, but these are my opinions, not lies, not fabrications, not untruths, opinion is not defined that way. As my city election means more to me than this one, this will probably be the last I mention of this Mayor race, which affects me as a worker and commuter but not as a resident. If workers were allowed to vote, my opinion would carry more weight. Sadly it will probably continue unnoticed.




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